Our Beautiful Prom Queen

Photo edited by Anita Gorski, Computer Tech
Special Education Distric Of Lake County

  On the day my daughter Katie was crowned Prom Queen, at Laremont School in Gage Lake, in May 2010 the judge awarded my husband, Nick, and I guardianship.  We applied for guardianship for Katie because she is cognitively handicapped, and not capable of making decisions for herself. 

  Before celebrating this anniversary we will be celebrating her 19th birthday on Friday.  Since there is no school on Friday, Katie will also be celebrating her birthday at school tomorrow.  I will be delivering a cake for her to share with her classmates.  She loves having "Happy Birthday" sang to her.   Then on Friday, her aunt will be taking her out to lunch and shopping.  She is so spoiled ... she gets to pick out her own present(s)!  Her grandparent, brother and sister-to-be (his fiance) along with Winston puppy will be coming over to celebrate her special day.  We will go out for dinner, and then come back home to open presents and eat the other cake that was ordered for her special day. 

Little Side Story ...
  Friday, April 15th, is not only Katie's birthday.  It is also the day that the Chicago Flood was plugged by Kenny Construction Company (KCC).  The interesting part is that I ended up working at KCC 4-1/2 years after Katie was born.  It was interesting watching all the reporters come out to interview the Kenny's about this big event.  I was there for the 5-yr and 10-yr anniversary.

Back to my reason for this posting ...
  With the 1-year anniversary coming up we have to go back in front of the judge.  That being the case, I will have a lot of documents to go thru and prepare all the necessary paperwork for this appearance. 

  I wanted to let all of my followers know that I won't be posting much in the next couple of weeks.  I'm sure there will be days that I need to walk away from this loving project, so I won't be completely gone.  My posts will just be sporadic.  For now I only have one post scheduled, and that is for the next Repeat Impressions Sketch Challenge on Wednesday, April 20th, as a Guest Artist.

  Thank you to all of my followers, and for all of the encouraging and loving comments you leave for me.  They are greatly appreciated.



Carla said…
Oh Ruza, Katie is beautiful!!! I am so glad you have each other. My heart goes out to you and I hope the meeting with judge goes perfectly for your and Katie!!!
Chan said…
Best of luck with everything, Ruza! And *Happy Birthday* wishes for Katie! I hope she has her best birthday yet! :o)
Lisa Petrella said…
Happy Birthday to Katie! What a fabulous photo---such an amazing smile! Thinking of you and hoping everything goes smoothly with the judge!