Scrapbooking with Tanner Bell Designs ...

Last week I announced that I'm a Designer for Tanner Bell Designs.  Tanner is a young man who sees his stamps being used for more than just creating cards. So here I am on a Tuesday morning sharing some pages I created for Katie's 2012 Album.  I have to admit that this project takes me outside of my comfort zone.  Fair warning ... I really am not a Scrapbooker.

You may, or may not, be aware that my daughter Katie is Moderate to Severally Cognitively Challenged.  She is 20-yrs old, and she brings us lots of joy at the same time she challenges us on a daily basis.  Last year Katie's school [SEDOL Transition Program] received a Grant to participate in a local Hippotherapy Program.  So Katie and several of her piers went to a local barn for Hippotherapy, and she had an awesome time.  Hippotherapy is an Equine Therapy Program for Disabled Children.

This was not Katie's first introduction to horses.  She visited a Hippotherapy Program a couple of times during High School.  The one time she got up on a horse she was terrified, and had to get off immediately.  Back then she preferred to just brush the horses down. 

After meeting Stryker, my daughter-in-law Lauren's horse, Katie became more at ease with horses.  Hence her willingness to get on a horse and truly enjoy the experience.

Here is a closer look at each of the pages ...

I used Tanner's Chevron Grunge stamp to create the background for my layout.  As you can see I started with just adding the Chevron Grunge to the top and bottom of my page, and then as I was putting the second page together I realized how empty it looked.  HA!  So I used the stamp on the whole page. They are not a perfect match, but I know Katie will love it!

The Chevron is part of the Diamond/Chevron Grunge stamp set.

You can find these stamps in Tanner Bell Designs store here.

In closing of this post I wanted to share the said news that we lost Stryker in July this year to an unfortunate illness.  I wanted to share a picture of Katie, Lauren, and Stryker from April 14th this year.

Rest in peace Stryker and know that you were truly loved by all.

Until next time ... Enjoy!



~Tammy~ said…
My son did Hippotherapy in Hawaii and it was wonderful. I understand the joys and the challenges! Have not found a place since we moved and he does not show interest here plus the weather is not has kind either cold or extreme heat.

Your layout is wonderful!