My New Craft Room ...

Good morning, and Happy Friday!

I have a FUN post to share with you today.

When we replaced our kitchen counter-tops in the Spring we kept 
two (2) of the sections to be used in our basement.

After a much needed family vacation, the hubby and I bought some
unfinished kitchen cabinets and just put those counter-tops to use.

We created a Craft Room inside my laundry room.

I absolutely LOVE my new Craft Room and wanted to share my
new digs with you, but first how about a look at my old Crafting area.

For more pictures of how the old Crafting area looked, go here.

This is what the old area looks like now ...

I have a LOT of Crafty stuff so I kept items that are not used daily out here.

My daughter and husband are very happy to have the pool table open again.

Now it's time to share some pictures of my New Craft Room!

You can see my ironing board, the hampers I use to separate the
 clothes in, and part of a drying rack on the right.
You can also see the dryer on the left in the front.

I'm so loving my New Craft Room.
I'm still getting organized as I keep finding better, more
convenient ways to organize my stuff in here.

It's been loads of FUN!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my Craft Room.

Until next time ... Enjoy!


Looks very lovely place to craft.
Gr Elly
Gwen said…
How fun for you! It looks great!