Criss Cross Photo Wallet Tutorial ...

Good morning. As promised here is the Tutorial for the Criss Cross Photo Wallet. This will be a long post, so hang in there.

Criss Cross Photo Wallet
Designed for Scor-Pal by ©Ruza Rebel, March 2017
(Originally created for Scor-Pal by Anna Wohlfahrt)

Supply List:
12” x 12” Double Sided Design Paper
3/4" EKS Circle Punch 
Pencil and eraser
Cardstock and Coordinating Design Paper
Ribbon, brads, and other embellishments

Step 1:
Place 12” x 12” design paper on your Scor-Pal Board (measurements in the above picture are to scale; I used Excel, and Paint to create this photo).
• Use your bone folder to Score at 1/2", 3”, 6”, 9”, and 11-1/2” 
• Turn your paper one-quarter to the left or right
• Use your bone folder to Score at 3-1/2” and 8-1/2”

Step 2:
• Use your Bone Folder to score along the 1/2" score line.
• Open folded 1/2", add 1/4" Scor-Tape to the inside of each 1/2", remove Scor-Tape, and fold each side down to adhere.
• Fold each corner down to the 3” and 9” Scored line to create a triangle in the corner, run your Bone Folder over the edge to (shown above, top half of photo).
• Fold the 3” and 9” Scored line to the center 6" Scored Line, run your Bone Folder over the edge (shown above, lower half of photo).

Step 3:
• Once both sides are folded in, turn the design paper over and fold the 3-1/2” and 8-1/2” score, run your Bone Folder over the edges (1st photo above).
• Take the two edges, slide one side inside of the other (2nd photo above). Gently push together until it lays flat (3rd photo above).

Step 4:
• Fold at the 6” Score Line; folding the Photo Wallet in half using Bone Folder to crease the fold (1st photo on the left above).
• The top right photo above shows the Wallet partially open.
• The bottom right photo above shows the Wallet folded in the opposite way.

Step 5 (optional):
• Using a Pencil I drew a line along the center of the opened Wallet. For me this is the outside.
• I lined up the EKS 3/4" punch to the center line, then put pencil marks on each side of the punch to make sure I punch each side in the same place.
• Once I had the punch lined up to how deep a punch I wanted I put a piece of Scor-Tape at the edge.
• This made is easy to line up the punch on both side to get identical punches.
• I then used an eraser to get rid of the lines.

For the “Tag” on the front on my Wallet I used one of the embellishments from the Design Paper Pack I used. I cut it down to just show the tag. Layered it on a piece of Scor-Tape 6” x 6” Adhesive Sheets, and layered it onto cream cardstock. I cut it down leaving a border, and then repeated the steps with kraft cardstock.

I made cards to put inside each of the inside and outside pockets, as shown in the picture below.

The cards are 4-3/4” x 2-3/4” in size. 
I used black cardstock for my base, layered cream cardstock and coordinating design paper on each. 

I embellished the inside with circle sayings that are part of the design paper pack I used. Each of these were layered on cream cardstock that I cut out with a scalloped die.

The Design Paper I used is very heavy and I wanted the Photo Wallet to stay closed when not in use. I chose clear ribbon to tie around my Photo Wallet.

To secure the ribbon under my “Tag” I added strips of Scor-Pal 3/4" Foam Tape to the back of the “Tag”. I tied the ribbon around the Photo Wallet, for placement, and then add my “tag” to the front of the Photo Wallet making sure the ribbon is covered. When you open the Photo Wallet the “Tag” will keep the ribbon in place.

NOTE: You can have your Photo Wallet open with the Criss Cross on the outside if you prefer. Just fold in the opposite direction than I did as shown in Step 4 above.

My Criss Cross Photo Wallet is for a couple in love. However, you can make these for friendship, grandparents, babies, etc. They are very easy and quick to make.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you decide to make one yourself remember to join our Scor-Pal More than One Score Challenge #35 ~ Anything Goes.

Until next time ... Enjoy!


fusiafscrapping said…
Absolutely amazing–so creative & festive!