Candy Wrap Tutorial ...

Good morning! Today I'm sharing the Candy Wrap Tutorial that I created for the October Scor-Pal Challenge.

I created this diagram to go with my instructions on how to make a Candy Wrap for a Hershey King Size Candy Bar; Actual Size of Candy Bar is 2-1/4”H x 1/2"W x 7”L.

To get the height:
Add the height of the bar to the width of the bar, double that number, and then add a bit extra for the closure flap. That gives you (2-1/4" + 1/2") x 2” = 5-1/2”. I added 1-1/2” to that which gave me 7”.

To get the length:
Take the length of the candy bar and added 1/2" to each side (the 1/2" represents the width of the candy bar). That gives you 7” + 1/2" + 1/2” = 8”.

The paper size for a Hershey King Size Bar that you will need to make the candy wrap is: 7”H x 8”W

Now comes the instructions for making the candy bar wrap.
With the 8” side of your cardstock at the top of your scoreboard - Score at 1/2" and 7-1/2”.
With the 7” side of your cardstock at the top of your scoreboard - Score at 2-1/4”, 2-3/4”, 5” and 5-1/2”.
Burnish all of the Score lines.
Cut the Score Lines for the entire section(s) highlighted in yellow. This section become your closure flap.
The arrows shown above point at the Score Lines that need to be cut; these lines are only cut to the 1/2" mark, as shown in red.
Add your desired adhesive to the grey area. I used 3/8” Scor-Tape.
Next you will fold the 1/2" tabs towards the center; bring the two (2) 2-1/4” sides up, remove your Scor-Tape, then fold the side with the Scor-Tape over the other flap to form a pocket.
Decorate as desired.

I took the pictures below while I was making the Candy Wrap for the Hershey King Size Bar.

Using basic math and the same concept, I then made the Candy Wrap for a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (2) and a Ghirardelli Square.

Material used to create today's projects: - Scor-Pal Eighths Board1/4" Scor-Tape3/8" Scor-Tape3/4" Foam Tape

There is still plenty of time to join in this months Challenge. Hop on over to the Scor-Pal Blog for all of the details, and then join in the FUN.

Until next time ... Enjoy!