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Updated Thursday, 01/27/2011

I said earlier today that I would have another post today.  This post is not for any of the challenges that are currently out there. 

I wasn't thinking about challenges when I created this invitation.  However, tonight I just remembered that Wee Memories is having a Free for All Challenge (#40) this week.   I decided to submit my inviation for this challenge.

I wanted to share with all of you the project I've been working on for over a week now, which I just finished tonight. 

The week consisted of designing two different invitations.  A FUN invitation, and a Sofisticated Invitation.  Of course while I was waiting for the decision on which design was going to be chosen I had fun making cards for the different challenges going on.  Finally received the go ahead today to finalize all the invitations.

Please be aware that I altered the picture(s) using Paint to protect the clients personal information.

Picture of ALL of the invitations.
Colors used ... Burgandy, Gray, Red and Cream. 
The Gray looks purplish in the picture.  I hate when that happens.

All I have left to do is create a mail-merge with the addresses I was given, print the envelopes, and drop it into the mail tomorrow.

Here is the FUN Invitation that they chose not to use.

I know that the couple the party is being held for really liked this card.  It's cute!

Here’s to hoping that my design provides you with some inspiration to go forth and create!


Carla Bazhenow said…
Ruza these are so elegant!!! I couldn't mass produce like this for anything. I love each and every detail. I esp love that embossed border on the front. The fun one is so cool too. I love the embossing and the coloring esp. If I'm ever ask to do this, I'm forwarding them to you!!! Hugs,
I have the corner punch you used and LOVE it, these are so stunning!